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Welcome to Beat6max.com

Last Updated August 21st 2011

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6 Max Texas Holdem Basics

Beat6max will provide you with a basic knowlegde of Limit Texas Holdem poker if your a beginner and then look specifically at the strategy for playing and winning at the 6 max tables or games with less players.

If your looking for slot machine type poker, known as video poker, a good place to start playing this type of game is at Intercasino free casino. Over and above playing video poker, their popular poker room also offers the incredible format of 6 max Texas Holdem.

No other form of poker has the advantage of being so popular yet so little information available on the strategy of how to play 6 max limit texas holdem! This is why the game is a goldmine for the good limit players. All the poker books
you will find and all other poker websites are dedicated to full ring strategy (10 player texas holdem) or NO Limit.

6 Max Texas Holdem is a dream game for a good poker player, with more hands being played per hour and therefore more winning decisions for the better players. Typically the worse players are drawn to the game as its much more exciting than 10 player Texas Holdem because theres so much more action, more hands per hour, more raising and aggression and big pots. More money for the good player to win!

The short-handed 6 player game is so different from 10 Texas Holdem play, even many good winning full ring players fail to adjust when playing 6 max or less players.

Within this site we look at all areas of the game from the starting hand cards you are dealt pre-flop to playing the flop, turn and river betting rounds.

Also we look at important poker apsects such as semi bluffing and bluffing. As well as many other factors that are not related to how you play your cards, such as table selection and others which the vast majority of players don't even give any thought to. All these tips combined will give you a great winning edge.

Improve Your Playing winrate

There are many ways to improve your winrate, from simply playing the correct pre flop starting hands and making the correct betting decisions post flop, to multi tabling and table selection and many more aspects.

It won't all be plain sailing, 6 Max Texas Holdem is an exciting game but the swings in bankroll are wilder than your standard full ring game. Which is why its important to climb the limits at a steady pace, without rushing up limits.

How To Use Beat6Max.com.

In the left hand navigation site menu I've split up the strategy of 6 Max Limit Texas Holdem into each of the betting rounds and from there further into hand relevant categories, for example Middle Pair on the flop.

Strategy post flop is highly complex given the vast number of possible scenerios you will find yourself in. The way I have tackled this is to provide a basic knowledge of what you should be doing and then providing links to highly relevant articles or forum discussions that I believe will be useful and offer much more useful knowledge on the given situations they cover. Also, by reading the whole discussions more situations are covered and also you tend to get a fuller understanding of why someone would make a certain play or make a certain suggestion. Also in poker there is not always a right and a wrong answer, so you get to read different players opinions and then take from both and decide what is best for you.

In particular when playing 5 max or 6 max hold'em games a number of strategy and game aspects become enhanced and even more important compared to standard full ring, for example player reads upon which you will base many of your own betting decisions. We help out here as well with the use of Poker Tools, some that make those player reads much easier to see and you should be using the data to help decide what descisions you should be making based also on who you are playing.

Beat6max.com does not aim to teach you a specific winning style for playing poker online. Hopefully we give you a good base for a winning style and you can use the site to develop further your own winning style, as quite commonly what works for one player doesn't work for all. I do intend for this site to maintain its position as the richest source of free information on 6 max and shorthanded Texas Holdem. Feel free to show your appreciation by signing up to a poker room through a link on the site.

Beat6max will be improving all the time!!! Making You a better player.
Please feel free to recommended any articles or forum threads and the section of my site you think they will be most useful. I want this to be the site you visit whenever you are reviewing or experimenting or plugging leaks in an area of your shorthanded Texas Holdem limit game. Contact Beat6max

If you are already gambling, why not to try to play blackjack at one of the best online casino such as JackpotCity and learn a few tricks that 888 and others do not tell you. I know as a poker player I also get enjoyment from playing other card games such as blackjack at a good online casino.

For those who are new to online casinos and internet gambling we have two new articles that will be of interest - Choosing an Online Casino and Gambling for the first time.


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